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ddeception, decception, decepption, deceptiion, deceptio, deceptiom, deceptionn, deceptioon, deceptoin, decepttion, deeceeption, dekeption, eception

Deception — synonyms, definition

1. deception (Noun)

124 synonyms
administration affectation airs ambush art artfulness artifice blind bluff bonnet booster camouflage catch charade charlatanism cheat cheating chicane chicanery chimera • • •
3 definitions

deception (Noun) — A misleading falsehood.

deception (Noun) — The act of deceiving.

deception (Noun) — An illusory feat; considered magical by naive observers.

6 types of
falsehood falsification falsity misrepresentation performance untruth
51 type
bill of goods blind bluff card trick cheat cheating chicane chicanery delusion dissembling double-dealing duplicity equivocation evasion exaggeration facade fakery feigning four flush fraudulence • • •

2. deception (US)

4 synonyms
color disguise guise semblance