Similar Words
ddispute, diispute, disppute, disput, disputee, disputte, dispuute, disspute, dizpute, ispute

Dispute — synonyms, definition

1. dispute (Noun) archaic

64 synonyms
affair affray altercation argument argumentation beef bickering brawl breach broil clamour clash collision combat complaint conflict confrontation contention contest contradiction • • •
2 definitions

dispute (Noun) — A disagreement or argument about something important. ex. "he had a dispute with his wife"

dispute (Noun) — Coming into conflict with.

2 types of
disagreement resistance
17 types
arguing argument blue collision contention contestation controversy disceptation disputation dustup gap quarrel row run-in tilt words wrangle

2. dispute (Verb) archaic

88 synonyms
agitate altercate answer argue argue against argufy belie bicker brawl campaign cavil challenge clash collide conflict confront contend contest contradict contravene • • •
4 definitions

dispute (Verb) — Question the truth or validity of; take exception to. ex. "She disputed his claims"

dispute (Verb) — Have a disagreement over something.

dispute (Verb) — Fight against or resist strongly. ex. "Don't dispute it!"

dispute (Verb) — Stand up or offer resistance to somebody or something.

8 types of
argue contend contest debate fence fight repugn struggle
27 types
brawl call defy drive back fall out fend fight off hold hold off hold up outbrave polemicise polemicize polemise polemize rebuff recalcitrate remain firm repel repulse • • •