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eequivocation, eqiuvocation, eqquivocation, equiivocatiion, equivocaation, equivocatio, equivocatiom, equivocationn, equivocatoin, equivocattion, equivoccation, equivokation, equivoocatioon, equivvocation, equuivocation, quivocation

Equivocation — synonyms, definition

1. equivocation (Noun)

27 synonyms
cavil chicane deceit delusion evasion evasiveness fallacy hesitation incongruity inconsistency indecision irrationality irresolution lie misconception paradox prevarication quibble quibbling reversal • • •
3 definitions

equivocation (Noun) — A statement that is not literally false but that cleverly avoids an unpleasant truth.

equivocation (Noun) — Intentionally vague or ambiguous. ex. "the author's elusiveness may at times be construed as equivocation"

equivocation (Noun) — Falsification by means of vague or ambiguous language.

7 types of
ambiguity deceit deception equivocalness falsification misrepresentation untruthfulness
8 types
cavil circumlocution doublespeak hedge hedging indirect expression quibble quiddity