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ccorrespondencce, coorrespoondence, corespondence, correespondeencee, corresopndence, correspomdemce, corresponddence, correspondenc, corresponndennce, corresppondence, corresspondence, correzpondence, corrrrespondence, korrespondenke, orrespondence

Correspondence — synonyms, definition

1. correspondence (Noun)

53 synonyms
accord accordance adaptation affinity agreement analogy appropriateness aptness article association attractiveness balance cohesion coincidence commensurateness communication comparison compliance composition concurrence • • •
5 definitions

correspondence (Noun) — Communication by the exchange of messages (letters, e-mails, etc.).

correspondence (Noun) — Compatibility of observations. ex. "the results of two tests were in correspondence"

correspondence (Noun) — The relation of corresponding in degree, size or amount.

correspondence (Noun) — (mathematics) an attribute of a shape or relation; exact reflection of form on opposite sides of a dividing line or plane.

correspondence (Noun) — Similarity by virtue of corresponding.

12 types of
1st class 1st-class mail black and white compatibility first class first-class mail proportionality similarity spatial property spatiality written communication written language
9 types
bilateral symmetry bilateralism bilaterality card conformance conformity geometrical regularity radial symmetry regularity
2 parts
letter missive