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aaccord, accccord, accoord, accor, accordd, accorrd, acord, akkord, ccord

Accord — synonyms, definition

1. accord (Noun)

51 synonym
accession accordance acquiescence agreement amity approbation approval assent association authorisation authorization coherence coincidence collaboration coming together communion community compact concert concord • • •
5 definitions

accord (Noun) — Harmony of people's opinions, actions or characters. ex. "the two parties were in accord"

accord (Noun) — Concurrence of opinion. ex. "we are in accord with your proposal"

accord (Noun) — A written agreement between two states or sovereigns. ex. "they signed a nonaggression accord"

accord (Noun) — Sympathetic compatibility.

accord (Noun) — (law) an agreement between parties.

7 types of
agreement compatibility concord concordance harmony symphony written agreement
18 types
North Atlantic Treaty SALT I SALT II alliance commercial treaty community community of interests concurrence consensus convention meeting of minds pacification peace peace treaty sense of the meeting social contract unanimity unison

2. accord (Verb)

62 synonyms
accede to accommodate adapt adjust admit affirm agree agree to allot allow apply arrange assent assuage attune award balance belong bestow calculate • • •
2 definitions

accord (Verb) — Go well together. ex. "The colours don't accord"

accord (Verb) — Let have; give the right to; give the opportunity or permission to. ex. "Mandela was accorded few visitors in prison"

11 types of
agree check correspond fit gibe give jibe marry marry up match tally
7 types
allowance blend blend in enfranchise give go vouchsafe