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cconformity, comformity, confformity, conforimty, conformiity, conformit, conformitty, conformityy, conformmity, confornity, conforrmity, connformity, conphormity, coonfoormity, konformity, onformity

Conformity — synonyms, conformity antonyms, definition

1. conformity (Noun)

58 synonyms
abidance accord accordance acquiescence adaptation adherence adjustment agreement assimilation balance ceremonial ceremony coincidence compatibility compliance concurrence conformance conformation conformism congruence • • •
1 antonym
5 definitions

conformity (Noun) — Correspondence in form or appearance.

conformity (Noun) — Acting according to certain accepted standards. ex. "their financial statements are in conformity with generally accepted accounting practices"

conformity (Noun) — Orthodoxy in thoughts and belief.

conformity (Noun) — Concurrence of opinion. ex. "we are in conformity with your proposal"

conformity (Noun) — Hardened conventionality.

7 types of
agreement convention conventionalism conventionality cooperation correspondence orthodoxy
12 types
conventionality formality honoring honouring justness keeping legalism line nicety normality observance rightness