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ccommencce, comence, commeencee, commemce, commenc, commennce, commmmence, connence, coommence, kommenke, ommence

Commence — synonyms, definition

1. commence (Verb)

29 synonyms
activate arise begin depart embark embark on enter upon get get down inaugurate induct initiate instate institute introduce issue kick off launch lead off open • • •
3 definitions

commence (Verb) — Take the first step or steps in carrying out an action.

commence (Verb) — Set in motion, cause to start. ex. "The Iraqis commenced hostilities"

commence (Verb) — Get off the ground. ex. "Who commenced this company?"

10 types of
begin embark on get get down lead off set about set out start start out start up
28 types
attack auspicate bestir oneself break in come on embark enter fall get cracking get going get moving get rolling get started get to get weaving inaugurate introduce jump off jump-start jumpstart • • •