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ccommuniccate, commmmunicate, commnuicate, commuincate, commumicate, communicaate, communicat, communicatee, communicatte, communiicate, communnicate, commuunicate, comunicate, connunicate, coommunicate, kommunikate, ommunicate

Communicate — synonyms, communicate antonyms, definition

1. communicate (Verb)

69 synonyms
acquaint advance advertise advise announce apprise articulate bestow broadcast chatter circulate cite commune confer confess converse convey declare deliver disclose • • •
1 antonym
7 definitions

communicate (Verb) — Transmit information. ex. "Please communicate this message to all employees"

communicate (Verb) — Transmit thoughts or feelings. ex. "He communicated his anxieties to the psychiatrist"

communicate (Verb) — Transfer to another. ex. "communicate a disease"

communicate (Verb) — Join or connect. ex. "The rooms communicated"

communicate (Verb) — Be in verbal contact; interchange information or ideas. ex. "He and his sons haven't communicated for years" ex. "Do you communicate well with your advisor?"

communicate (Verb) — Administer Communion; in church.

communicate (Verb) — Receive Communion, in the Catholic church.

4 types of
covenant interact intercommunicate transfer
80 types
acknowledge address aphorise aphorize ask bespeak blog bring down call for carry come across come over commune contact convey deliver enquire express finger-spell fingerspell • • •