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ddepart, deepart, depaart, depar, deparrt, departt, deppart, epart

Depart — synonyms, depart antonyms, definition

1. depart (Noun)

4 synonyms
cash in decease die go

2. depart (Verb)

56 synonyms
abandon abscond absent arise begin cash in commence decamp decease deviate die digress disengage diverge end err evacuate expire go go away • • •
1 antonym
6 definitions

depart (Verb) — Move away from a place into another direction. ex. "The train departs at noon"

depart (Verb) — Be at variance with; be out of line with.

depart (Verb) — Head for somewhere else. ex. "The family departed for Florida"

depart (Verb) — Go away or leave.

depart (Verb) — Remove oneself from an association with or participation in. ex. "She wants to depart"

depart (Verb) — Wander from a direct or straight course.

10 types of
change deviate differ divert exit get out go away go forth go out leave
26 types
aberrate beat a retreat belie blaze blaze out blow break camp congee contradict decamp drop out leave office lift off negate plump out quit resign roar off sally sally forth • • •