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pirited, spiiriited, spirite, spiritedd, spiriteed, spiritted, spirrited, sppirited, sspirited, zpirited

Spirited — synonyms, spirited antonyms, definition

1. spirited (a)

60 synonyms
active adventurous alive animated ardent blithe boisterous bold brave brilliant buoyant carefree cheerful competent dapper daring dashing dynamic eager earnest • • •

2. spirited (Adjective)

9 synonyms
bouncing bouncy enlivened game gamey gamy gritty peppy zippy
1 antonym
4 definitions

spirited (Adjective) — Displaying animation, vigour, or liveliness.

spirited (Adjective) — Marked by lively action. ex. "a spirited dance"

spirited (Adjective) — Willing to face danger.

spirited (Adjective) — Made lively or spirited. ex. "a spirited debate"

5 see also
animation brio invigoration spiritedness vivification

3. spirited (Verb)

2 synonyms
inspirited spirited up
1 definition

spirited (Verb) — Infuse with spirit. ex. "The company spirited him up"

5 types of
animated enlivened invigorated livened livened up