Similar Words
bboisterous, biosterous, boiisterous, boissterouss, boisteerous, boisterou, boisterouus, boisterrous, boisteruos, boistterous, boitserous, boizterouz, booisteroous, oisterous

Boisterous — synonyms, definition

1. boisterous (a)

42 synonyms
active blaring blustering brassy clamorous coarse confused crude dapper dashing deafening disordered disorderly earsplitting frantic frenzied frisky furious gleeful hectic • • •

2. boisterous (Adjective)

6 synonyms
fierce knockabout rambunctious robustious rumbustious unruly
3 definitions

boisterous (Adjective) — Noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline. ex. "a boisterous crowd"

boisterous (Adjective) — Full of rough and exuberant animal spirits. ex. "boisterous practical jokes"

boisterous (Adjective) — Violently agitated and turbulent. ex. "boisterous winds and waves"