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Frightening — synonyms, definition

1. frightening (Adjective)

11 synonyms
awful dire direful dread dreaded dreadful fearful fearsome horrendous horrific terrible
1 definition

frightening (Adjective) — Causing fear, dread or terror. ex. "the frightening war"

2. frightening (Noun)

2 synonyms
terrorisation terrorization
1 definition

frightening (Noun) — The act of inspiring with fear.

2 types of
bullying intimidation
3 topics
act of terrorism terrorism terrorist act

3. frightening (Verb)

3 synonyms
affrighting frighting scaring
2 definitions

frightening (Verb) — Cause fear in. ex. "The stranger who hangs around the building frightens me"

frightening (Verb) — Drive out by frightening.

12 types of
chasing away dispelling driving away driving off driving out exciting running off shaking shaking up stimulating stirring turning back
12 types
alarming appalling awing bluffing consternating dismaying horrifying intimidating spooking terrifying terrorising terrorizing
1 see also
frighten off