Similar Words
earful, faerful, feaarful, fearfu, fearfull, fearfuul, fearrful, feearful, ffearfful, phearphul

Fearful — synonyms, definition

1. fearful (a)

59 synonyms
afraid agitated alarmed anxious appalling apprehensive aroused awful clouded cowardly credulous dastardly dire distressed disturbed dread dreadful faint faint-hearted feeble • • •

2. fearful (Adjective)

8 synonyms
direful dreaded fearsome frightening horrendous horrific terrible trepid
5 definitions

fearful (Adjective) — Experiencing or showing fear. ex. "a fearful glance" ex. "fearful of criticism"

fearful (Adjective) — Causing fear, dread or terror. ex. "a fearful howling"

fearful (Adjective) — Lacking courage; ignobly timid and faint-hearted. ex. "fearful dogs, ye will not aid me then"

fearful (Adjective) — Extremely distressing. ex. "fearful slum conditions"

fearful (Adjective) — Timid by nature or revealing timidity. ex. "cast fearful glances at the large dog"

2 see also
cowardice cowardliness