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ddisplay, diisplay, displa, displaay, displayy, displlay, dispplay, dissplay, dizplay, isplay

Display — synonyms, definition

1. display (Noun)

64 synonyms
advertisement appearance array attitude bazaar betrayal brightness ceremony circus dazzle demonstration episode examination exhibit exhibition expose exposition exposure eyesore fair • • •
6 definitions

display (Noun) — Something intended to communicate a particular impression. ex. "made a display of strength"

display (Noun) — Something shown to the public. ex. "the museum had many displays of oriental art"

display (Noun) — A visual representation of something.

display (Noun) — Behaviour that makes your feelings public. ex. "a display of emotion"

display (Noun) — Exhibiting openly in public view. ex. "a display of courage"

display (Noun) — An electronic device that represents information in visual form.

9 types of
Demo communication demonstration disclosure electronic device representation revealing revelation show
38 types
CRT screen FPD Snellen chart VDU acting out alphanumeric display array big stick board caller ID digital display display board display panel fanfare flash flat panel display flaunt float gaudery histrionics • • •
1 part

2. display (Verb)

54 synonyms
advertise air bare bear betray boast bring forward broadcast demonstrate describe disclose establish evince exhibit expose express flash flaunt flourish illustrate • • •
2 definitions

display (Verb) — To show, make visible or apparent. ex. "National leaders will have to display the highest skills of statesmanship"

display (Verb) — Attract attention by displaying some body part or posing; of animals.

5 types of
court romance show solicit woo
20 types
bench brandish bring forth flash flaunt gibbet hold up model moon open ostentate parade pillory pose posture produce show off showboat sit swank