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ddisagreement, diisagreement, disaagreement, disaggreement, disagreeeemeent, disagreememt, disagreemen, disagreemennt, disagreementt, disagreemment, disagreenent, disagrement, disagrreement, dissagreement, dizagreement, isagreement

Disagreement — synonyms, disagreement antonyms, definition

1. disagreement (Noun)

73 synonyms
affray agitation alienation altercation animosity antagonism argument brawl breach broil clamour clash collision comparison conflict confrontation contention contradiction contrariety contrast • • •
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disagreement (Noun) — A conflict of people's opinions, actions or characters.

disagreement (Noun) — A difference between conflicting facts, claims or opinions. ex. "a growing disagreement of opinion"

disagreement (Noun) — The speech act of disagreeing, arguing or disputing.

3 types of
conflict difference speech act
20 types
allowance conflict confrontation difference difference of opinion discord dispute dissension dissent dissidence disunity divide encounter face-off leeway margin nonconformity showdown smackdown tolerance