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bbuffet, bufet, buffe, buffeet, buffett, buffffet, buphphet, buuffet, uffet

Buffet — synonyms, definition

1. buffet (Noun)

16 synonyms
box bust cabinet chest chop clout counter cuff cupboard hutch poke punch shelf sideboard snack bar snack counter
3 definitions

buffet (Noun) — A piece of furniture that stands at the side of a dining room; has shelves and drawers.

buffet (Noun) — A meal set out on a buffet at which guests help themselves.

buffet (Noun) — A small bar or counter selling light food.

6 types of
article of furniture bar furniture meal piece of furniture repast
7 types
cellaret commissary credence credenza milk bar minibar smorgasbord
2 parts
drawer shelf
2 parts of
dining room dining-room

2. buffet (Verb)

45 synonyms
bash batter battle beat box break buff bust challenge chop clash clout combat conflict cudgel cuff fight flail flap flounder • • •
2 definitions

buffet (Verb) — Strike against forcefully. ex. "Winds buffeted the tent"

buffet (Verb) — Strike, beat repeatedly. ex. "The wind buffeted him"

2 types of
hit strike