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ccombat, comba, combaat, combatt, combbat, commbat, conbat, coombat, kombat, ombat

Combat — synonyms, definition

1. combat (a)

8 synonyms
army belligerent fighting ground infantry martial military warring

2. combat (Noun)

42 synonyms
action affair affray altercation armed combat assault battle brush clash collision competition conflict confrontation contention contest discord dispute dissension encounter exchange • • •
2 definitions

combat (Noun) — (military) an engagement fought between two military forces.

combat (Noun) — The act of fighting; any contest or struggle. ex. "a combat broke out at the hockey game"

5 types of
battle conflict engagement fight struggle
44 types
affaire d'honneur affray aggression banging battering beating belligerency brawl brush clash close-quarter fighting cut-and-thrust disturbance dogfight duel encounter fencing fistfight fisticuffs fray • • •
1 part
2 parts of
war warfare

3. combat (Verb)

40 synonyms
assail assault attack attempt battle blitz boycott brawl buffet careen challenge clash compete conflict confront contend contest counter encounter engage • • •
1 definition

combat (Verb) — Fight against; clash with. ex. "The Kurds are combating Iraqi troops in Northern Iraq" ex. "We must combat the prejudices against other races"

3 types of
contend fight struggle
2 types
dogfight wrestle

4. combat (a/n)

6 synonyms
army belligerent fighting ground martial military