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assion, pa?ion, paassion, pasion, passiion, passio, passiom, passionn, passioon, passoin, passssion, pazzion, ppassion

Passion — synonyms, definition

1. passion (Noun)

96 synonyms
Passion of Christ affection amour anger animosity appetite ardor ardour attachment bent bias brutality burning cacoethes carnality compulsion concentration consciousness craving craze • • •
7 definitions

passion (Noun) — A strong feeling or emotion.

passion (Noun) — The trait of being intensely emotional.

passion (Noun) — Something that is desired intensely. ex. "his passion for fame destroyed him"

passion (Noun) — An irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action.

passion (Noun) — A feeling of strong sexual desire.

passion (Noun) — Any object of warm affection or devotion. ex. "he has a passion for cock fighting"

passion (Noun) — The suffering of Jesus at the Crucifixion.

13 types of
agony concupiscence desire emotionalism emotionality eros excruciation feeling irrational motive object physical attraction sexual desire suffering
29 types
abandon agromania alcoholism ardor ardour dipsomania egomania fervency fervidness fervor fervour fieriness fire infatuation kleptomania logomania logorrhea logorrhoea monomania necromania • • •

2. passion (US)

10 synonyms
ardor enthusiasm fervency goodwill mettle spirit vehemence warmth zeal zest