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fflight, fligght, fligh, flighht, flightt, fliight, fllight, light, phlight

Flight — synonyms, definition

1. flight (a)

6 synonyms
capricious fickle lively moody mutable skittish

2. flight (Noun)

44 synonyms
ascent avoidance bevy breakout brood company covey crowd departure desertion disaffection disavowal drove emigration escape escaping evasion exodus fire escape fleeing • • •
10 definitions

flight (Noun) — A formation of aircraft in flight.

flight (Noun) — An instance of travelling by air. ex. "flight was still an exciting adventure for him"

flight (Noun) — A stairway (set of steps) between one floor or landing and the next.

flight (Noun) — The act of escaping physically. ex. "his flight was an indication of his guilt"

flight (Noun) — An air force unit smaller than a squadron.

flight (Noun) — Passing above and beyond ordinary bounds. ex. "a flight of fancy" ex. "flights of rhetoric" ex. "flights of imagination"

flight (Noun) — The path followed by an object moving through space.

flight (Noun) — A flock of flying birds.

flight (Noun) — A scheduled trip by plane between designated airports. ex. "I took the noon flight to Chicago"

flight (Noun) — A tail on an arrow or dart used to help it follow a straight path.

14 types of
air air travel air unit aviation creative thinking creativeness creativity flock formation mechanical phenomenon running away staircase stairway trip
48 types
Underground Railroad Underground Railway acrobatics aerobatics ballistic trajectory ballistics ballooning blind flying blind landing break breakout connecting flight direct flight domestic flight evasion exodus fly-by flyover flypast gaolbreak • • •

3. flight (Verb)

1 synonym
3 definitions

flight (Verb) — Shoot a bird in flight.

flight (Verb) — Fly in a flock. ex. "flighting wild geese"

flight (Verb) — Decorate with feathers. ex. "flight an arrow"

10 types of
adorn beautify decorate embellish fly grace ornament pip shoot wing