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Fly — synonyms, definition

1. fly (Noun) Brit

29 synonyms
ant appendage bee beetle bug butterfly cover creepy crawler flap fly ball fly front fly sheet fold gnat hornet insect midge mosquito moth pest • • •
6 definitions

fly (Noun) — Two-winged insects characterized by active flight.

fly (Noun) — Flap consisting of a piece of canvas that can be drawn back to provide entrance to a tent.

fly (Noun) — An opening in a garment that is closed by a zipper or by buttons concealed under a fold of cloth.

fly (Noun) — (baseball) a hit that flies up in the air.

fly (Noun) — Fisherman's lure consisting of a fishhook decorated to look like an insect.

fly (Noun) — (dated) a horse-drawn carriage.

11 types of
dipteran dipteron dipterous insect fish lure fisherman's lure flap hit hitting opening striking two-winged insects
28 types
Haematobia irritans Musca domestica Sarcophaga carnaria Texas leaguer bee fly blow fly blowfly blowie dry fly flare flesh fly gadfly glossina horn fly house fly housefly line drive liner pop fly pop-fly • • •
2 parts
alula calypter
4 parts of
Diptera fly tent garment order Diptera

2. fly (Verb) Brit

75 synonyms
abscond accelerate aviate bolt break brush buzz conduct control cut and run dart dash decamp direct dispatch drift drive elapse elope escape • • •
14 definitions

fly (Verb) — Travel through the air; be airborne. ex. "Man cannot fly"

fly (Verb) — Move quickly or suddenly. ex. "He flew about the place"

fly (Verb) — Operate an aeroplane. ex. "He flew the jet over Cuba"

fly (Verb) — Transport by aeroplane. ex. "We fly flowers from the Caribbean to North America"

fly (Verb) — Cause to fly or float. ex. "fly a kite"

fly (Verb) — Be dispersed or disseminated. ex. "Rumors and accusations are flying"

fly (Verb) — Change quickly from one emotional state to another. ex. "fly into a rage"

fly (Verb) — Pass away rapidly. ex. "Time flies like an arrow"

fly (Verb) — (air travel) travel in an aeroplane. ex. "she is flying to Cincinnati tonight" ex. "Are we driving or flying?"

fly (Verb) — Display in the air or cause to float. ex. "fly a kite" ex. "All nations fly their flags in front of the U.N."

fly (Verb) — Run away quickly.

fly (Verb) — Travel over (an area of land or sea) in an aircraft. ex. "Lindbergh was the first to fly the Atlantic"

fly (Verb) — (baseball) hit a fly.

fly (Verb) — Decrease rapidly and disappear. ex. "the money flew in las Vegas"

39 types of
break away bunk carry change control decrease diminish elapse escape fall fly the coop glide by go go along go by head for the hills hightail it hit journey lam • • •
39 types
abscond absquatulate airlift balloon bolt break break loose buzz decamp defect desert elope escape flat-hat flight fly blind fly contact fly on get away glide • • •
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air air travel aircraft aviation

3. fly (Adjective) Brit

2 definitions

fly (Adjective) — (informal) not to be deceived or hoodwinked.

fly (Adjective) — Well dressed, smart in appearance.