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eenmity, emmity, emnity, enimty, enmiity, enmit, enmitty, enmityy, enmmity, ennity, ennmity, nmity

Enmity — synonyms, definition

1. enmity (Noun)

27 synonyms
abhorrence acerbity acrimony animosity antagonism antipathy asperity aversion bitterness disaffection dislike distancing estrangement grudge hatred hostility ill will malevolence malice odium • • •
2 definitions

enmity (Noun) — A state of deep-seated ill-will.

enmity (Noun) — The feeling of a hostile person. ex. "he could no longer contain his enmity"

3 types of
hate hatred state
24 types
acrimoniousness aggression aggressiveness animosity animus antagonism bad blood belligerence belligerency bile bitterness class feeling cold war gall hard feelings ill feeling latent hostility rancor rancour resentment • • •

2. enmity (US)

4 synonyms
disfavor disgrace disregard disrepute