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ddisregardd, diisregard, disreegard, disregaard, disregar, disreggard, disrregarrd, dissregard, dizregard, isregard

Disregard — synonyms, definition

1. disregard (Noun)

34 synonyms
abhorrence affront blank blunder calm carelessness chasm composure contempt contumely cool defiance derision disdain disobedience equanimity erratum failure fault inattention • • •
2 definitions

disregard (Noun) — Lack of attention and due care.

disregard (Noun) — Wilful lack of care and attention.

2 types of
inattention mistreatment
2 types
despite omission

2. disregard (Verb)

55 synonyms
abash avoid blink blink at brush aside brush off condemn condone connive cut despise discount disdain dismiss disremember elide evade fend off forget humiliate • • •
3 definitions

disregard (Verb) — Refuse to acknowledge.

disregard (Verb) — Bar from attention or consideration. ex. "She disregarded his advances"

disregard (Verb) — Give little or no attention to. ex. "Disregard the errors"

4 types of
do by handle reject treat
12 types
cold-shoulder discredit disoblige flout laugh away laugh off pass off pretermit scoff shrug off slight turn a blind eye

3. disregard (US)

4 synonyms
disfavor disgrace disrepute enmity