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bona fide
bbenefit, beeneefit, bemefit, beneffit, benefi, benefiit, benefitt, benephit, bennefit, enefit

Benefit — synonyms, definition

1. benefit (a)

12 synonyms
account advantage calibre charity desirability eminence for a good cause gain good importance merit value

2. benefit (Noun)

81 synonym
accommodation account acquisition advancement advantage aid allowance applicability appropriateness asset assistance attraction avail award bazaar beauty behalf benefaction bequest blessing • • •
3 definitions

benefit (Noun) — Financial assistance in time of need.

benefit (Noun) — Something that aids or promotes well-being. ex. "for the benefit of all"

benefit (Noun) — A performance to raise money for a charitable cause.

5 types of
good goodness payment performance public presentation
14 types
advantage benefit concert cost-of-living benefit death benefit disability benefit fringe benefit interest perk perquisite reward sake sick benefit sickness benefit stock option

3. benefit (Verb)

30 synonyms
accommodate advance aid assist avail better capitalise capitalize clear command contribute convenience do good enjoy exploit favour further gain harvest hold • • •
2 definitions

benefit (Verb) — Derive a benefit from. ex. "She benefitted from his vast experience"

benefit (Verb) — Be beneficial for.

4 types of
acquire aid get help
10 types
capitalise capitalize cash in on clear net profiteer pyramid sack sack up take advantage