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a?istance, aassistaance, asistance, assiistance, assistamce, assistanc, assistancce, assistancee, assistanke, assistannce, assisttance, assitsance, assssisstance, azziztance, ssistance

Assistance — synonyms, definition

1. assistance (a)

7 synonyms
aid corrective counteractive cure redress relief reparation

2. assistance (Noun)

50 synonyms
abetting accept accommodation aegis aid approbation assist attendance augmentation avail backing benefaction benefit charity comfort contribution convenience corrective countenance counteractive • • •
2 definitions

assistance (Noun) — The activity of contributing to the fulfilment of a need or furtherance of an effort or purpose. ex. "could not walk without assistance"

assistance (Noun) — A resource.

2 types of
activity resource
21 type
accommodation appeal boost comfort encouragement facilitation fillip hand helping hand lift ministration recourse refuge relief resort self-help service succor succour support • • •