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aanticipaate, amticipate, annticipate, anticcipate, anticipat, anticipatee, anticippate, antiiciipate, antikipate, antticipatte, nticipate

Anticipate — synonyms, definition

1. anticipate (Verb)

69 synonyms
abide accelerate antedate assume augur await believe calculate call conjecture contemplate contrive count on counter deem delay depend on design devise divine • • •
6 definitions

anticipate (Verb) — Regard something as probable or likely. ex. "The meteorologists are anticipating rain for tomorrow"

anticipate (Verb) — Act in advance of; deal with ahead of time.

anticipate (Verb) — Realize beforehand.

anticipate (Verb) — Make a prediction about; tell in advance. ex. "anticipate the outcome of an election"

anticipate (Verb) — Be excited or anxious about.

anticipate (Verb) — Be a forerunner of or occur earlier than. ex. "This composition anticipates Impressionism"

23 types of
act await come about evaluate expect fall out go on guess hap happen hazard judge know look move occur pass pass judgment pass off pretend • • •
32 types
apprehend assume augur believe bet calculate conjecture dare say daresay forecast guess hypothecate hypothesise hypothesize imagine opine outguess presume prophesy quail at • • •