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aacceleraate, accccelerate, acceeleeratee, accelerat, acceleratte, accelerrate, accellerate, acelerate, akkelerate, ccelerate

Accelerate — synonyms, accelerate antonyms, definition

1. accelerate (Verb)

25 synonyms
advance aid anticipate bolster dispatch ease encourage expedite facilitate fly hasten hurry hustle induce precipitate promote push on quicken race rush • • •
1 antonym
3 definitions

accelerate (Verb) — Move faster. ex. "The car accelerated"

accelerate (Verb) — Cause to move faster. ex. "He accelerated the car"

accelerate (Verb) — Cause to occur rapidly.

8 types of
alter change deepen effect effectuate intensify modify set up
3 types
brisk brisk up brisken