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aadvise, addvise, adviise, advis, advisee, advisse, advize, advvise, dvise

Advise — synonyms, definition

1. advise (Verb)

61 synonym
acquaint admonish advocate apprise brief caution clue communicate conduct confer consult control converse convey counsel deal with deliberate direct discourse edify • • •
3 definitions

advise (Verb) — Give advice to. ex. "The teacher advises troubled students"

advise (Verb) — Inform (somebody) of something. ex. "I advised him that the rent was due"

advise (Verb) — Make a proposal, declare a plan for something.

6 types of
declare discuss hash out inform pronounce talk over
29 types
admonish advance advocate consult contraindicate deter discourage dissuade encourage exhort feed back make a motion misadvise misguide move posit press proposition propound put forward • • •