Spiflicate — synonyms, definition

1. spiflicate (Verb)

6 synonyms
demolish destroy destruct put down ruin spifflicate
4 definitions

spiflicate (Verb) — Defeat soundly. ex. "The home team spiflicated the visitors"

spiflicate (Verb) — Put (an animal) to death. ex. "The customs agents spiflicated the dog that was found to be rabid"

spiflicate (Verb) — Do away with, cause the destruction or undoing of. ex. "The fire spiflicated the house"

spiflicate (Verb) — Damage beyond use or repair. ex. "You have spiflicated my car by pouring sugar in the tank!"

6 types of
defeat get the better of kill overcome undo unmake
70 types
Wrack break break apart break up burn burn down bust bust up consume cut to ribbons demolish demyelinate desolate despoil destruct devastate devour dilapidate disassemble dismantle • • •