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filosofy, hilosophy, phhilosophhy, phiilosophy, phillosophy, philoosoophy, philosoph, philosophyy, philospohy, philossophy, philozophy, pphilosopphy

Philosophy — synonyms, definition

1. philosophy (Noun)

33 synonyms
angle approach assurance attitude axiom basis belief beliefs conception conclusion contemplation conviction convictions doctrine dogma hypothesis ideology inference ism law • • •
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philosophy (Noun) — A belief (or system of beliefs) accepted as authoritative by some group or school.

philosophy (Noun) — The rational investigation of questions about existence and knowledge and ethics.

philosophy (Noun) — Any personal belief about how to live or how to deal with a situation. ex. "self-indulgence was his only philosophy" ex. "my father's philosophy of child-rearing was to let mother do it"

5 types of
arts belief humanistic discipline humanities liberal arts
93 types
Girondism Gospel abolitionism absolutism aesthetics aetiology amoralism animalism animism antiestablishmentarianism antiestablishmentism asceticism axiology cabalism church doctrine commandment contextualism creationism credo creed • • •
58 on topics
Aristotelianism Platonism aesthetic consequentialism deconstruction deconstructionism deontic determinism dianoetic discursive empiricism empiricist philosophy essence esthetic existential philosophy existentialism existentialist philosophy final cause formalism idealism • • •