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anageable, maanaageaable, mamageable, managaeble, manageabble, manageabl, manageablle, manageeablee, managgeable, mannageable, mmanageable, nanageable

Manageable — synonyms, manageable antonyms, definition

1. manageable (a)

26 synonyms
amenable complaisant compliant cowed disciplined docile domesticated easy effortless flexible gentle good open orderly pliable quiet responsive simple soft submissive • • •

2. manageable (Adjective)

5 synonyms
accomplishable achievable doable realisable realizable
1 antonym
2 definitions

manageable (Adjective) — Capable of being managed or controlled.

manageable (Adjective) — Capable of existing or taking place or proving true; possible to do. ex. "The key to happiness is setting manageable goals"