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eading, laeding, leaading, leadding, leadiing, leadimg, leadin, leadingg, leadinng, leadnig, leeading, lleading

Leading — synonyms, leading antonyms, definition

1. leading (o) 2

5 synonyms
ahead before forward in advance onward

2. leading (a) 2

55 synonyms
advancing ahead arch arresting capital cardinal celebrated central champion chief conspicuous deceitful distinguished earlier eminent excellent famed famous first foremost • • •

3. leading (Noun) 2

3 synonyms
guidance lead leadership
2 definitions

leading (Noun) — The activity of leading. ex. "his leading inspired the team"

leading (Noun) — Thin strip of metal used to separate lines of type in printing.

3 types of
activity slip strip
3 types
Helm lead trend setting

4. leading (Adjective) 2

8 synonyms
in the lead marquee pre-eminent preeminent prima star starring stellar
1 antonym
4 definitions

leading (Adjective) — Indicating the most important performer or role. ex. "the leading man"

leading (Adjective) — Greatest in importance, degree, significance or achievement. ex. "the country's leading poet"

leading (Adjective) — Going, proceeding or going in advance; showing the way. ex. "we rode in the leading car" ex. "the leading edge of technology"

leading (Adjective) — Having the leading position or higher score in a contest. ex. "the leading team in the pennant race"

5. leading (Verb) 2

16 synonyms
chairing conducing conducting contributing directing extending going guiding heading leaving moderating passing resulting running taking topping
14 definitions

leading (Verb) — Accompany somebody somewhere to show them the way. ex. "we led him to our chief"

leading (Verb) — Have as a result or residue.

leading (Verb) — Tend to or result in. ex. "This remark led to further arguments among the guests"

leading (Verb) — Travel in front of; go in advance of others. ex. "The procession was led by John"

leading (Verb) — Cause to undertake a certain action. ex. "Her greed led her to forge the checks"

leading (Verb) — Stretch out over a distance, space, time, or scope; run or extend between two points or beyond a certain point. ex. "Service leads all the way to Cranbury"

leading (Verb) — Be in charge of. ex. "Who is leading this project?"

leading (Verb) — Be ahead of others; be the first. ex. "she led her class every year"

leading (Verb) — Have the effect of making happen, or become more likely. ex. "The use of computers in the classroom led to better writing"

leading (Verb) — (music) Have the leading position, as in the performance of a composition. ex. "lead an orchestra"

leading (Verb) — Provide access; extend (in the direction of something). ex. "This door leads to the basement"

leading (Verb) — Move ahead (of others) in time or space.

leading (Verb) — Cause something to lie along a particular path. ex. "lead the wire behind the cabinet"

leading (Verb) — Preside over. ex. "John led the discussion"

28 types of
advancing being boosting bringing about causing directing discussing doing encouraging executing furthering getting giving rise going hashing out having inducing locomoting making making pass • • •
25 types
beaconing captaining chairing chairmaning coming drawing away entailing giving going deep going far handing implicating leading astray misdirecting misguiding misleading necessitating radiating raying showing • • •