Similar Words
cknowledgeable, cnowledgeable, kknowledgeable, kmowledgeable, knnowledgeable, knoowledgeable, knowleddgeable, knowledgaeble, knowledgeaable, knowledgeabble, knowledgeabl, knowledggeable, knowleedgeeablee, knowlledgeablle, knowwledgeable, nowledgeable

Knowledgeable — synonyms, definition

1. knowledgeable (a)

10 synonyms
acquainted associating conversant educated enlightened erudite learned practiced proficient scholarly

2. knowledgeable (Adjective)

8 synonyms
intimate knowing knowledgable lettered versed well-educated well-read well-versed
3 definitions

knowledgeable (Adjective) — Highly educated; having extensive information or understanding. ex. "a knowledgeable critic"

knowledgeable (Adjective) — Alert and fully informed. ex. "surprisingly knowledgeable about what was going on"

knowledgeable (Adjective) — Thoroughly acquainted through study or experience. ex. "knowledgeable about the technique of painting"