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cknowledge, cnowledge, kknowledge, kmowledge, knnowledge, knoowledge, knowleddge, knowledg, knowledgge, knowleedgee, knowlledge, knowwledge, nowledge

Knowledge — synonyms, definition

1. knowledge (Noun)

72 synonyms
ability account acquaintance adeptness adroitness appreciation apprehension awareness background belief brains cognisance cognition cognizance command comprehension details discernment dope edification • • •
4 definitions

knowledge (Noun) — The psychological result of perception and learning and reasoning.

knowledge (Noun) — Factual information that a person knows.

knowledge (Noun) — The (technical) knowledge and skill required to do something.

knowledge (Noun) — Everything that is known. ex. "the current state of knowledge"

3 types of
ability power psychological feature
38 types
ability attitude bag of tricks brain cognitive content cognitive factor cognitive operation cognitive process content episteme equivalent general knowledge head history inability information lexicon lexis mental attitude mental lexicon • • •