Similar Words
cknow-it-all, cnow-it-all, kknow-it-all, kmow-it-all, knnow-it-all, knoow-it-all, know-iit-all, know-it-aall, know-it-al, know-it-allll, know-itt-all, knoww-it-all, now-it-all

Know-it-all — synonyms, definition

1. know-it-all (a)

5 synonyms
boastful conceited egotistical pretentious show-off

2. know-it-all (Noun)

11 synonyms
bigot boaster braggart busybody conventionalist dogmatist egotist know-all pedagogue show-off windbag
1 definition

know-it-all (Noun) — Someone who thinks he knows everything and refuses to accept advice or information from others.

3 types of
Egoist egotist swellhead