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cknotted, cnotted, kknotted, kmotted, knnotted, knootted, knoted, knotte, knottedd, knotteed, knotttted, notted

Knotted — synonyms, knotted antonyms, definition

1. knotted (a)

4 synonyms
curled kinky tangled twisted

2. knotted (Adjective)

4 synonyms
gnarled gnarly knobbed knotty
2 definitions

knotted (Adjective) — Tied with a knot. ex. "his carefully knotted necktie"

knotted (Adjective) — Used of old persons or old trees; covered with knobs or knots. ex. "gnarled and knotted hands" ex. "gnarly and knotted hands" ex. "knotty and knotted hands"

3. knotted (Verb)

1 synonym
1 antonym
3 definitions

knotted (Verb) — Make into knots; make knots out of. ex. "She knotted her fingers"

knotted (Verb) — Tie or fasten into a knot. ex. "knot the shoelaces"

knotted (Verb) — Make more complicated or confused.

10 types of
bound created from raw material created from raw stuff enlaced entwined interlaced intertwined laced tied twined
2 types
macramed macrameed