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cknocck up, cnocc up, kknockk up, kmock up, knnock up, knocck up, knock u, knock upp, knock uup, knok up, knokk up, knoock up, nock up

Knock Up — synonyms, definition

1. knock up (Verb)

11 synonyms
arouse by knocking awaken awaken by knocking bang up cause to wake up impregnate prang up procreate produce propagate reproduce
2 definitions

knock up (Verb) — Make pregnant. ex. "He knocked up his wife again"

knock up (Verb) — Make quickly.

4 types of
fecundate fertilise fertilize inseminate

2. knock up (Noun)

1 definition

knock up (Noun) — Period of practice before play, e.g. in tennis.