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Knock Off — synonyms, definition

1. knock off (Verb)

27 synonyms
annihilate assassinate cop dash off destroy dispatch do in drop eliminate execute exterminate fling off glom hook kill liquidate murder neutralise neutralize rub out • • •
5 definitions

knock off (Verb) — Get rid of (someone who may be a threat) by killing. ex. "the double agent was knocked off"

knock off (Verb) — Cut the price of.

knock off (Verb) — Take by theft. ex. "Someone knocked off my wallet!"

knock off (Verb) — Write quickly.

knock off (Verb) — Stop pursuing or acting.

21 type of
bring down cease compose cut cut back cut down discontinue give up indite kill lay off pen quit reduce steal stop surcease trim trim back trim down • • •
4 types
mark down nol.pros. nolle pros nolle prosequi
4 topics
authorship composition penning writing

2. knock off (Noun)

1 synonym
1 definition

knock off (Noun) — An unauthorized copy or imitation.

1 type of