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cknob, cnob, kknob, kmob, knnob, kno, knobb, knoob, nob

Knob — synonyms, definition

1. knob (Noun) Brit, vulgar

61 synonym
Putz Wiener boss bulb bulge bump bunch butt cock control corn crank crop dial dick dong doorknob ear globe globule • • •
6 definitions

knob (Noun) — A circular rounded projection or protuberance.

knob (Noun) — A round handle.

knob (Noun) — Any thickened enlargement.

knob (Noun) — An ornament in the shape of a ball on the hilt of a sword or dagger.

knob (Noun) — Obscene term for penis.

knob (Noun) — (geography) a prominent rounded hill.

13 types of
convex shape convexity decoration grip handgrip handle hold member ornament ornamentation penis phallus projection
5 types
doorhandle doorknob knobble nailhead stop
1 part of

2. knob (Verb) Brit, vulgar

36 synonyms
bang be intimate bed boff bonk diddle do it eff frig fuck get it on get laid have a go at it have intercourse have it away have it off have sex jazz jump know • • •
1 definition

knob (Verb) — Have sexual intercourse.

4 types of
copulate couple mate pair
3 types
fornicate have take