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iinsect, imsect, innsect, insec, insecct, insectt, inseect, insekt, inssect, inzect, nisect, nsect

Insect — synonyms, definition

1. insect (Noun)

23 synonyms
ant bee beetle bug butterfly creepy crawler dirt ball drone fly gnat hornet idler louse mite mosquito moth parasite pest praying mantis stinkbug • • •
2 definitions

insect (Noun) — Small air-breathing arthropod.

insect (Noun) — A person who has a nasty or unethical character undeserving of respect.

3 types of
arthropod disagreeable person unpleasant person
71 type
beetle bird louse biting louse bug collembolan defoliator dictyopterous insect dipteran dipteron dipterous insect earwig ephemeral ephemerid ephemeron ephemeropteran flea gallfly hemipteran hemipteron hemipterous insect • • •
6 parts
air sac ala clypeus mentum thorax wing
4 parts of
Arthropoda cloud phylum Arthropoda swarm
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chirpy holometabolism holometaboly