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allantry, gaallaantry, galantry, gallamtry, gallanntry, gallantr, gallantrry, gallantryy, gallanttry, gallllantry, ggallantry

Gallantry — synonyms, definition

1. gallantry (Noun)

37 synonyms
adulation audacity benevolence blarney boldness bravery brazenness cajolery charm chivalry confidence courage courtesy daring deference fairness fearlessness flattery fortitude guts • • •
3 definitions

gallantry (Noun) — The qualities of a hero or heroine; exceptional or heroic courage when facing danger (especially in battle). ex. "he showed great gallantry in battle"

gallantry (Noun) — Courtesy towards women.

gallantry (Noun) — Polite attentiveness to women.

7 types of
bottle braveness bravery courage courageousness courtesy good manners