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ffirst class, fiirst class, firrst class, firsst classss, first cclass, first cla?, first claass, first clas, first cllass, first klass, firstt class, firts class, firzt clazz, irst class, phirst class

First Class — synonyms, definition

1. first class (a)

7 synonyms
classy deluxe elegant fine grand splendid with all the trimmings

2. first class (Adjective)

6 synonyms
amazeballs awesome beaut excellent fantabulous top-drawer
1 definition

first class (Adjective) — Very good;of the highest quality. ex. "a first-class mind"

3. first class (Noun)

3 synonyms
1st class 1st-class mail first-class mail
3 definitions

first class (Noun) — The highest rank in a classification.

first class (Noun) — Mail that includes letters and postcards and packages sealed against inspection.

first class (Noun) — The most expensive accommodations on a ship, train or plane.

4 types of
accommodation high quality mail superiority
1 type

4. first class (Adverb)

1 definition

first class (Adverb) — By first class conveyance; with first class accommodations. ex. "we always travel first class"