Similar Words
ddispossessedd, diispossessed, disopssessed, dispo?e?ed, dispoossessed, disposesed, disposseesseed, dispossesse, disppossessed, disspossssessssed, dizpozzezzed, ispossessed

Dispossessed — synonyms, definition

1. dispossessed (a/n)

3 synonyms
denuded forfeited ruined

2. dispossessed (Adjective)

2 synonyms
homeless roofless
1 definition

dispossessed (Adjective) — Physically or spiritually homeless or deprived of security. ex. "made a living out of shepherding dispossessed people from one country to another"

3. dispossessed (Verb)

1 definition

dispossessed (Verb) — Deprive of the possession of real estate. ex. "This farmer was dispossessed without knowing what complaints had been levied against him"

3 types of
deprived divested stripped