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ddisarrayedd, diisarrayed, disaarraayed, disarayed, disarraye, disarrayeed, disarrayyed, disarrrrayed, dissarrayed, dizarrayed, isarrayed

Disarrayed — synonyms, definition

1. disarrayed (a)

7 synonyms
dingy dirty disheveled disordered tousled unkempt untidy

2. disarrayed (Adjective)

1 definition

disarrayed (Adjective) — In disarray. ex. "disarrayed bedclothes"

3. disarrayed (Verb)

1 definition

disarrayed (Verb) — Bring disorder to.

3 types of
altered changed modified
9 types
deranged disarranged jumbled messed messed up perturbed scrambled threw out of kilter threw together