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Disarming — synonyms, disarming antonyms, definition

1. disarming (Adjective)

1 definition

disarming (Adjective) — Capable of allaying hostility.

2. disarming (Noun)

1 synonym
1 antonym
1 definition

disarming (Noun) — Act of reducing or depriving of arms. ex. "the disarming of the aggressor nations must be complete"

2 types of
Demobilisation demobilization

3. disarming (Verb)

3 synonyms
demilitarising demilitarizing unarming
1 antonym
3 definitions

disarming (Verb) — Remove offensive capability from.

disarming (Verb) — Make less hostile; win over. ex. "Her charm disarmed the prosecution lawyer completely"

disarming (Verb) — Take away the weapons from; render harmless.

6 types of
converting convincing depriving divesting stripping winning over
2 types
demilitarising demilitarizing