Similar Words
ddisappointedd, diisappoiinted, disaappointed, disapointed, disapopinted, disappionted, disappoimted, disappoinnted, disappointe, disappointeed, disappointted, disapponited, disappoointed, disappppointed, dissappointed, dizappointed, isappointed

Disappointed — synonyms, definition

1. disappointed (a)

8 synonyms
angry annoyed disgruntled displeased disturbed irritable irritated vexed

2. disappointed (Adjective)

5 synonyms
defeated discomfited foiled frustrated thwarted
1 definition

disappointed (Adjective) — Disappointingly unsuccessful. ex. "disappointed expectations and thwarted ambitions"

3. disappointed (Verb)

1 synonym
let down
1 definition

disappointed (Verb) — Fail to meet the hopes or expectations of. ex. "greatly concerned not to disappoint a small child"

9 types of
baffled bilked crossed foiled frustrated queered scotched spoilt thwarted
6 types
betrayed came short disenchanted disillusioned failed fell short