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ddirector, diirector, direcctor, directo, directoor, directtor, direector, direktor, dirrectorr, irector

Director — synonyms, definition

1. director (Noun)

50 synonyms
Kapellmeister administrator authority boss captain chief chieftain commander commander in chief comptroller conductor counsellor dial escort executive executive head of a state executive officer film director forelady foreman • • •
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director (Noun) — Someone who controls resources and expenditures.

director (Noun) — Member of a board of directors.

director (Noun) — Someone who supervises the actors and directs the action in the production of a show.

director (Noun) — The person who directs the making of a film.

director (Noun) — The person who leads a musical group.

10 types of
administrator committee member decision maker film maker film producer filmmaker movie maker musician overlooker supervisor
66 types
Alfred Hitchcock Alfred Joseph Hitchcock Arthur Fiedler Arturo Toscanini Bandleader Baron Karl Maria Friedrich Ernst von Weber Benjamin Britten Bergman Bernstein Britten Bruno Walter Bunuel Carl Maria von Weber Constant Lambert Edward Benjamin Britten Elia Kazan Elia Kazanjoglous Eugene Ormandy Fiedler George Szell • • •
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