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Dipper — synonyms, definition

1. dipper (Noun)

16 synonyms
Big Dipper Bucephela albeola Charles's Wain Little Dipper Wain bufflehead butterball ladle plough scoop shovel spade spoon trowel wagon water ouzel
5 definitions

dipper (Noun) — A ladle that has a cup with a long handle.

dipper (Noun) — Small North American diving duck; males have bushy head plumage.

dipper (Noun) — Small stocky diving bird without webbed feet; frequents fast-flowing streams and feeds along the bottom.

dipper (Noun) — A group of seven bright stars in the constellation Ursa Major.

dipper (Noun) — A cluster of seven stars in Ursa Minor; at the end of the dipper's handle is Polaris.

5 types of
asterism duck ladle oscine oscine bird
4 types
American water ouzel Cinclus aquaticus Cinclus mexicanus European water ouzel
5 parts
North Star Polaris polar star pole star polestar
8 parts of
Bucephala Cinclidae Great Bear Little Bear Ursa Major Ursa Minor family Cinclidae genus Bucephala