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ddiplomacy, diiplomacy, dipllomacy, diplomaacy, diplomac, diplomaccy, diplomacyy, diplomaky, diplommacy, diplonacy, diploomacy, dipplomacy, iplomacy

Diplomacy — synonyms, definition

1. diplomacy (Noun)

10 synonyms
artfulness delicacy diplomatic negotiations discreetness discretion finesse poise skill statecraft statesmanship
3 definitions

diplomacy (Noun) — Negotiation between nations.

diplomacy (Noun) — Subtly skilful handling of a situation.

diplomacy (Noun) — Wisdom in the management of public affairs.

7 types of
dialogue negotiation tact tactfulness talks wisdom wiseness
7 types
Strategic Arms Limitation Talks dollar diplomacy gunboat diplomacy power politics recognition salt shuttle diplomacy
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