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Date — synonyms, definition

1. date (Noun)

34 synonyms
age agreement appointment assignation boyfriend call century confrontation course cycle day day of the month duration encounter engagement epoch era generation interview meeting • • •
8 definitions

date (Noun) — The specified day of the month. ex. "what is the date today?"

date (Noun) — A meeting arranged in advance. ex. "she asked how to avoid kissing at the end of a date"

date (Noun) — A participant in a date. ex. "his date never stopped talking"

date (Noun) — A particular but unspecified point in time. ex. "they hoped to get together at an early date"

date (Noun) — The present. ex. "they are up to date" ex. "we haven't heard from them to date"

date (Noun) — The particular day, month, or year (usually according to the Gregorian calendar) that an event occurred. ex. "he tried to memorizes all the dates for his history class"

date (Noun) — A particular day specified as the time something happens. ex. "the date of the election is set by law"

date (Noun) — Sweet edible fruit of the date palm with a single long woody seed.

25 types of
24-hour interval associate calendar day calendar month calendar year civil day civil year companion comrade day edible fruit familiar fellow get together mean solar day meeting month nowadays point point in time • • •
16 types
6 June 1944 D-day birthday blind date date of reference double date due date epoch future date maturity maturity date natal day rain date rendezvous sell-by date tryst
5 parts
appointment day of the month engagement escort particular date
2 parts of
Phoenix dactylifera date palm

2. date (Verb)

13 synonyms
appoint charm date stamp determine escort go out go steady mark measure pursue register see woo
5 definitions

date (Verb) — Meet with a lover or potential lover. ex. "Tonight she is dating a former high school sweetheart"

date (Verb) — Stamp with a date. ex. "The package is dated November 24"

date (Verb) — Assign a date to; determine the (probable) date of. ex. "Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings"

date (Verb) — Date regularly; have a steady relationship with. ex. "He is dating his former wife again!"

date (Verb) — Provide with a dateline; mark with a date. ex. "She wrote the letter on Monday but she dated it Saturday so as not to reveal that she procrastinated"

12 types of
affiliate associate assort consort determine furnish go out provide render set stamp supply
7 types
chronologise chronologize date-mark dateline datemark double-date misdate