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ccut down, cut ddown, cut doown, cut dow, cut dowm, cut downn, cut dowwn, cutt down, cuut down, kut down, ut down

Cut Down — synonyms, definition

1. cut down (Verb)

48 synonyms
abase abate abrade age annihilate attenuate bring down chop cut cut back cut out debase degrade depopulate depress deteriorate diminish down drop dwindle • • •
6 definitions

cut down (Verb) — Make a reduction in, cut down on. ex. "cut down your daily fat intake"

cut down (Verb) — Cut with sweeping strokes; as with an axe or machete.

cut down (Verb) — Cause to come or go down. ex. "The policeman cut down the heavily armed suspect"

cut down (Verb) — (baseball) intercept (a player).

cut down (Verb) — Cut with a blade or mower. ex. "cut down the grass"

cut down (Verb) — Cause to fall by or as if by delivering a blow. ex. "cut down a tree"

11 types of
arrest check contain cut decrease hold back lessen minify stop strike turn back
23 types
chop down cut deflate detract downsize inflate knock off log lumber poleax poleaxe quench retrench scythe shave shorten slash spill submarine subtract • • •